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Little Dog Creative is an outlet for artistic expression and creativity...and it feeds a serious crafting addiction.

As long as I can remember I've been labeled as "crafty" and "creative." I'm naturally drawn to activities that allow me to express my creativity: painting, crafting, designing, block printing.

Over 15 years ago, a dear friend introduced me to linoleum block printing and the amazing things you can create with paper. That introduction spawned an affinity for paper crafting and block printing on beautiful papers. For years I’ve designed and created intricate handcrafted Christmas cards to send to friends and family, which typically begins in late September in order to mail about 40 by the first week of December. My cards are enjoyed and anticipated by the recipients every year; and every year, I always hear "You should sell these!" 

I stumbled upon the world of Cricut machines a few years ago and my brain immediately exploded with the possibilities that could be created with my new machine. My first project, of course, was my annual Christmas card! The Cricut allowed me to be more detailed and creative with my designs and cut my production time in half - it was truly amazing.

From that point on, a love affair was born.

I began making everything I could dream of: elaborate paper garlands, beautiful personal cards for friends and family, amazing gifts and decorations. And, again, I kept hearing the same phrase, "You should sell that!"​

Little Dog Creative Maltese

So here I am today, trying to "sell it!" through my outlet Little Dog Creative. You may be wondering at this point- why "Little Dog?” Well, there is in fact a "Little Dog" that was in my life and his name is Hobie, Sir Hobie of Tradewinds to be precise. Hobie was my Maltese that passed away in March 2020. He brought so much happiness and laughter to my life (and to everyone around him). He became known as "Little Dog," so I thought to use the name that brought a light to my life each day to help me bring happiness and creativity to others. Throw in a linocut print of Hobie and "poof!" I had an official logo and my business was born.

My vision for Little Dog Creative is to serve not only as a channel to sell my designs but also be a place where I can share my ideas and DIY tips with you! So, poke around and I hope you enjoy your visit...maybe you'll even catch a creative spark.


With love,

Nicky Peele

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