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Delicate wax flowers can brighten up any floral arrangement. Our felt wax flowers are available in several colors and make a versatile filler for any color scheme of bouquet. See the note about Non-Standard Colors if you are looking for additional colors.



  • Each wax flower blooms is made up of a center, petals and a green base attached to a floral wire stem. (Petal and center colors are indicated in images)
  • We ship the wax flower blossoms three stems to a bunch. (Vase is not included)
  • Each wax flower stem consists of one piece of 18-gauge floral wire with one blossom at the top. Three stems are taped together to form a single bunch.
  • Each wax flower blossom measures .75”-1” in diameter.


Purchase single stems to create your own beautiful bouquet or contact us to create a custom bouquet for you. There are many flower and color options available for custom orders – some of which may not appear on our website.

Felt Wax Flowers

  • Our intricately handmade felt flowers almost look real! At Little Dog Creative we use high quality wool blend felt which gives each blossom a voluminous and realistic appearance.


    The wool blend felt pieces are cut using a Cricut Maker and then each flower is assembled by hand using 18” long floral wire, hot glue and floral tape. Single flowers are shipped with the full length of floral wire so you can cut to your desired height. Bouquets are cut at an even length and wrapped to stay in place.

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