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This unique, handmade papercraft garland is perfect to celebrate all the birthdays in your family.



  • Garland measures approximately 8 feet.
  • Each section is comprised of 4 to 6 layers of paper that are adhered using permanent adhesives and measures 4.5 inches wide and 6.25 inches tall.
  • All sections are connected with a “Happy Birthday” ribbon.
  • There is some extra ribbon on each end to adjust length when hanging.
  • All pieces were designed and cut using Cricut Maker, then hand assembled.


The Happy Birthday deluxe papercraft garland ships in a plastic zipper bag inside a bubble mailing envelope.

Happy Birthday Deluxe Garland

  • Our deluxe handcrafted garlands consist of up to 6 layers of paper per section. As well, our deluxe garlands will include more dimensional elements such as rosettes or multi-layered images. The deluxe papercraft garlands require approximately 3 hours of handwork to assemble the intricate designs. When making to order, it takes 2 to 4 days to complete a deluxe garland and prepare for shipment.

  • Our papercraft garlands are intricate and considered a piece of art that we hope will grace your home's decor for more than just one season or event. If cared for appropriately, you will be able to enjoy your garland year after year. 


    In preparing for storage, it is best to "flake" garlands by layering sections back and forth. Store your garland in an airtight container (i.e., plastic zipper bag, plastic storage container) away from direct light. If placing in a plastic zipper bag, remove as much air as possible before sealing.


    If packing in a larger box with other items, it is best to put the garland on top of everything else and ensure any delicate edges do not get bent. Make sure there is no pressure being exerted on the top of the garland.

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